The Power of Mindfulness

Just HOW effective is mindfulness meditation?

Are you curious to discover more about the benefits of having a regular mindfulness and meditation practice?

Do you regularly find yourself stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or short of breath as you go through your day?

If so, you could definitely benefit from learning more about mindfulness.

Did you know that mindfulness meditation has been proven to improve productivity, creativity, reduce stress and anxiety, and even to help those prone to high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol to reduce the intensity of these symptoms?

The benefits of mindfulness really are endless, and reach much deeper than JUST physical or mental advantages.


By becoming more self-aware, we automatically improve aspects of our lives that may have suffered due to a lack of conscious energy directed towards them - relationships, work, family - it all improves when we manage to create a more stable sense of balance within ourselves.

By learning how to implement simple mindfulness techniques into your everyday life, you and your family can start to become more present in your lives and begin to enjoy little moments that before may have been overlooked or seemed insignificant.

Hosted by:

Judi Curry

What’s my Motivation?

I am passionate about spreading the advantages of mindfulness and meditation as I truly believe that they have the power to change and improve lives.

The more aware and conscious we are, the more enjoyment and ease we can start to cultivate in our everyday lives. This is something that I believe EVERYONE deserves to experience!

Whether it’s through yoga, meditation, mindfulness (or all 3), there are very accessible techniques to achieve a more balanced and happy version of yourself right at your fingertips. I really encourage you to take these first steps and join me for my webinar The Power of Mindfulness, on Tuesday, June 19th at 1:00 pm EDT to get yourself started!

We Are Excited To Share With You On Tuesday, June 19th at 1:00 pm EDT!