You Are About to Bring a Miracle Into the World

Your pregnancy is an adventure filled with an enormous amount of joy for you and your entire family.

It is also the most natural process that you will experience as your body prepares itself for labor and birth.

But during the months leading up to this monumental event, the mother often experiences pain, discomfort, and even feelings of anxiousness.

The discomfort can often be overwhelming, yet taking medication is typically not an option. This is why essential oils are so vital as many dōTERRA® oils are safe to use during pregnancy, especially when diluted with a carrier oil.

Get Informed + Enjoy the Experience

I am hosting Expecting - Learn How Essential Oils Will
Transform Your Pregnancy where you will have the chance to learn about the role dōTERRA® Essential Oils will play in your pregnancy. (Many women have told me that once they incorporated the right oil during this exciting time, the entire experience improved dramatically!)

On Monday, August 13th at 10:00 pm EDT, I’ll explain crucial details:

- Which brand of Essential Oils is best and safest for you during pregnancy?
- What are the correct amounts of each oil and how should they be applied?
- Which oils are perfect and which could cause harm?
- What benefits do you stand to gain?
- Some of my favorite protocols that will help you and your baby

I love this video from Dr. David Hill, Founding Executive Chief Medical Officer / Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee at dōTERRA® as he discusses the use of essential oils during pregnancy:

Hosted by:

Judi Curry

There is no doubting the difficulty of pregnancy and birth, but the key is to find ways to ease any discomfort and to bring as much joy and excitement as possible.

You are about to bring a child into the world and I want to do my absolute best to offer you a valuable plan and resources that will play a crucial role in the success of your miracle.

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